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Process & Power Generation Projects

eRDS unlocks the information in 3D design models and construction drawings and makes it available in a secure multiuser cloud database.


It is designed as a central source of information for project stakeholders and provides comprehensive asset intelligence for all mechanical and electrical equipment through an intuitive user interface. Every pipe, fitting, valve, and instrument is accounted for right down to individual bolted connections and welds.


The software features an intuitive user interface, an in-built document management system, powerful interrogation and reporting functions and a work-order ticketing system to support plant operations.

Powerful functionality

eRDS is designed for all types of process plant and power generation projects

Multi User Database

eRDS is a multiuser database that allows owner operators to control which parts, areas & zones of the project can be accessed by the various stakeholders. This ensures information security as well as filtering the information to be more manageable by the project team. All the usual controls are provided to each user to determine read/write or import/export capabilities depending on their needs.

3D Design Models

The database is populated with information from 3D design models produced by any of the leading plant design applications. 3D Asset, a Navisworks application, is used to produce and format the information in a format that can be uploaded to the cloud database. Synchronisation functions in both products ensure that 3D Asset and the eRDS database are always showing the same information.

Scan To As-Built

eRDS transforms the 3D models and drawings produced from laser scanning into a highly informative asset database. Whilst these models are geometrically accurate, they do not contain any usable plant information since this cannot be picked up from a point cloud. But by using a combination of 3D Asset and eRDS, it’s possible to construct a highly intelligent process plant database that can serve as a central source of information.

Improved Collaboration

A central source of information and the tools needed for project wide communication

Interrogate & Report

The power of a SQL database and the functionality provided by eRDS allows the operations team to interrogate any part of the information and generate reports. This could be for an equipment list in a particular area, a line list for a specific zone, a valve register or all the instruments on a particular system. The software has a query & replace function that allows batch processing to update the database or to produce MTO reports in excel or PDF.

Document Management

eRDS Cloud provides near instant access to the drawings and documentation for all disciplines so the right information is readily to hand wherever you are. Documents are linked to the assets so that if for example you were reviewing a pump there would be access to the P&ID that its shown on, the isometrics connected to it, and the all the manufacturers data sheets and maintenance documentation.

Work Order System

Work orders are crucial to a plant’s maintenance operation. They help everyone from maintenance managers to technicians organise, assign, prioritize, track, and complete key tasks. That’s why eRDS has an in-built work order system allows issues to be raised on any asset within the database. Once raised, full details regarding the issue and the asset are included on the email sent to operatives, and the WO itself is recorded in a tracking system.

Asset Intelligence

Comprehensive asset information in a familiar format

Equipment Database

eRDS provides comprehensive information for all mechanical & electrical equipment including their design & operation criteria, dimensions, suppliers, manufactures, part numbers and more. Equipment can be searched for by type, area, name, or number or selected from an equipment register. Once identified users can access all documents pertaining to the asset and the drawings in which they are included.

Line List

eRDS includes a line list register allowing the operations team to quickly navigate the piping systems by number or system etc. Full information for every line such as it’s from / to designations, size, schedule, material specification and its design & operations criteria are included. Single-click access to the Iso sheets, the P&ID that the line is shown on, all relevant specifications is provided for.

Valve & Instruments

The eRDS Valve & instrumentation registers provide a list of information for all these assets used in the plant, including their tag no., type, size, flow, rating, and face type, media, and the line number. Other information such as a unique geo-referenced asset code, coordinates & elevations can be included. Full documentation for every valve & instrument is provided such as the manufacturers data sheets, installation & maintenance guides, plus the P&ID and isometric they appear on.

Piping Components

Once a line has been selected from the list, every pipe, fitting, gasket, bolt set, pipe support, valve, and instrument is listed together with detailed information for their size, schedule, rating and material properties. Links to relevant supplier catalogues and installation & maintenance documentation are included, as well as the isometric & P&ID drawings they appear on. And each component can have a unique geo referenced asset code allowing them to be tracked by the system.

Welds & Bolted Joints

Every weld and bolted joint on the project are recorded in the database together with information for their line size, type, schedule, and rating as well as the two components being connected. Each joint or weld is given a unique geo-referenced asset code and includes all documentation specific to the connection. For Autodesk Plant 3D models, the welds are defined as 3D objects created by the eRDS Weld Utility plugin.

Asset Codes

eRDS allows every asset in the project to have a unique geo-referenced asset code. These codes have multiple uses to streamline integration with Building Management Systems (BMS), or to be used as the identifier for Work-Orders or technical queries.

Painting, Insulation & Tracing

The database contains full specifications for the paint finishes, insulation, heat and steam tracing for all equipment and lines on the project. All relevant documentation including the spec sheets and manufacturer documentation are linked to the assets, so they are immediately to hand.


All piping, insulation, painting, and tracing specifications are held as information in the database together with their PDF counterparts and associated with the lines or equipment they relate to.

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