An asset database integrated with BIM

eRDS Cloud transfers the information from BIM models to a cloud database as a central source of information

Bidirectional integration with Revit

Our eRDS Manager plugin for Revit provides an interface between BIM and eRDS Cloud.

It identifies the building elements of site, building, levels, zones and rooms and all the assets in each space and populates eRDS Cloud with the information.

As-built or COBie information is information is periodically written to back to the model as new parameters on the Revit objects, or to FM Placeholders in the case of non-modelled assets defined in the database.

All this information can be easily viewed in a friendly user interface and exported to Navisworks, IFC, and COBie.

Building Database in Navisworks

Asset information defined in eRDS Cloud and written back to Revit can be reviewed in Navisworks.

Database information added to the assets defined is available in the usual way by clicking on objects and viewing their properties.

Information for non-modelled assets defined in eRDS are to be found on FM Placeholders. Users simply select these placeholders to review building asset information.

eRDS improves the COBie experience by having all building information in one place instead of separately in a model and spreadsheet.

Cloud database in 3D Asset

eRDS and 3D Asset are developed by eRDS Solutions & Services and closely integrated with each other. Building database information from eRDS is directly imported into the model as specialised tags linked to objects and FM Placeholders.

An ‘Information Manager’ provides improved access to asset information and includes filtering tools for batch updating and reporting. Advanced search, find and colour coding functions provide the analysis tools needed to support construction and operations processes. 3D Asset allows companies to define and populate a building database from Navisworks when the Revit model is unavailable.

Enrich BIM Models With Improved Asset Information

Revit Plugin

The eRDS plugin identifies the rooms & spaces inside and outside a building and the assets within them. This information is used to populate the eRDS Cloud database where it is enriched with more detail before being sent back to Revit to update the model.

IFC Viewers

Building information from eRDS Cloud can be reviewed in any of the free IFC viewers after the data is imported back into Revit and exported to IFC 2.3 or 2.4.


When an eRDS building database is written back to Revit, all asset information becomes available in Navisworks where it can be reviewed and managed in context with its surroundings. Non-modelled asset information is to be found on each rooms FM Placeholder.


eRDS is the most efficient way to produce COBie information for all assets inside and outside a building. All this can be written back to Revit, so the model contains finalised as-built information.

3D Asset

eRDS is fully integrated with 3D Asset allowing building information to be reviewed in context, colour coded, or updated with additional information. A bi-directional interface between the two applications ensures the information is always up-to-date.

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