Information Exchange In A Professional Database

Our easy-to-use software takes a systematic approach to creating COBie information for an Employers Information Requirement (EIR) and includes the tools to drive integration with IT systems.

eRDS produces COBie information in a multiuser database specifically designed for the task

sing the standard spreadsheet method and relying on cut & paste is inefficient, error prone and results in mismatched information between the BIM model and excel file.

A Professional Approach

eRDS brings order to the chaos of COBie production when its specified as part of the Employers Information Requirements (EIR).

Big Information

A medium sized project can have tens of thousands assets, each with multiple data fields that must be recorded for COBie. Such large amounts of information are better managed in an eRDS multiuser SQL database with professional tools for batch processing and streamlining processes.

Interrogate, Report, Communicate

eRDS produces reliable, validated information that can be easily communicated to third parties during construction and handover. Asset information in our SQL database can be queried and reported to excel or PDF so those who need it get reliable, consistent information they can trust.

COBie Collaboration

Our work order system helps to keep track of technical queries when communicating with the supply chain. It enables organised communication, maintains records, and improves transparency all in a multiuser environment.

Integrated Revit And COBie

With eRDS your Revit model and COBie file are 100% synchronised with the building database.

Read & Write Revit COBie Plugin

Our Revit plugin provides a bi-directional interface between the model and database. It detects rooms and spaces in the model and the assets within them and populates a COBie database with the information. Once as-built information is added in eRDS per COBie its written back to the model through the plugin.

Better BIM Models

Non-modelled assets and room finishes defined in the database as information are written to Revit as parameters on FM Placeholders. These assets together with their COBie information can be viewed through our Revit plugin which displays asset information for each room in an easy to user interface.

Synchronise COBie & Revit

A Revit model that’s been synchronised with an eRDS database contains 100% of the COBie information. As a result all the asset and supply chain information required by COBie is in one place instead having it held separately in an archived excel. And when a COBie file is exported from Revit to satisfy the EIR, it will contain all the finalised information.

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