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eRDS is a cloud-based database application for producing and managing asset information for new building projects and existing real estate.


It conforms to the COBie schema and provides information from initial design through construction, handover, and throughout a building’s life cycle. eRDS is scalable and suitable for all kinds of buildings from single dwellings through to large scale hospitals.


The software combines a powerful SQL database with an intuitive user experience and provides the functionality needed to produce management information during construction and operations.

Managing Asset Databases

eRDS provides the management tools needed for efficient collobaoration

Multi User Database

eRDS Cloud makes project information available to stakeholders through a secure login and webpage. Administrators can specify what parts of which projects users or subcontractors have access to, and can set their credentials to be discipline and read/write dependant.

Better Collaboration

eRDS provides insight into a building and its assets through a centralised database that serves as a single point of truth. It allows information to be shared in a controlled manner and decisions to be taken in the certainty that everyone is working from the same data set.

Work Order System

Having quick access to reliable information is one thing, but eRDS includes a work-order ticketing system so that action can be taken during construction and onwards into operations and facilities management.

Providing Intelligence, Delivering Information

eRDS provides reliable asset information and the functionality needed for building operations

Interrogate & Report

Any of the building and asset information in the eRDS SQL database can be queried using powerful functionality and batch processing. Reports can be sent to excel or to more traditional PDF room data sheets.

COBie Production

eRDS provides a common-sense approach to managing and producing COBie information in a collaborative multiuser environment. It is a realistic and viable alternative to handling vast amounts of building information using the spreadsheet method.

Document Management

Our built-in document manager provides near instant access to design drawings and asset documentation for all disciplines ensuring the right information is readily to hand when its needed, wherever you are.

Building Databases for New Construction and Existing Real Estate

eRDS is an affordable solution for any type and size of building project

New Developments

Our eRDS plugin for Revit provides bidirectional integration for projects designed using BIM. It scans the model for building information, identifies the assets within each space and uses the data to define and populate an asset database in the cloud.

Multiple Projects

You can use eRDS on as many projects as you wish without any additional cost. There is no practical limitation on the amount of data or the size of building so you can use it on.

Existing Buildings

eRDS is designed for the real world where existing buildings or refurbishments have limited asset information and 2D drawings. Its built in asset libraries are the building blocks for producing a comprehensive asset database of COBie compliant building information.

Information For Every Asset On Your Project

Our building database provides the detailed asset information needed for handover and operations

Room Database

Comprehensive asset information for every mechanical & electrical component and FFE in all rooms and spaces is provided. Each asset has information for supplier, manufacturer, part numbers, warranty status and more. Documents and submittals are linked to each asset for instant retrieval.


eRDS records every finish for floors & walls and ceilings inside the building and in external areas. These describe information for screeds, underlays and finished floors in the rooms, or the surfaces in outside spaces. Paint colour codes are recorded so the information is available when the time comes for refurbishment.

Asset Codes

Every asset can be given a unique geo referenced asset code to inform operators of their location and type. These codes are helpful for collaboration and in tracking work orders and benefit systems integration with other IT systems including BMS and CMMS.

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