We have been developing software for the process & power and the built environment for more than 10 years.  Our core products are eRDS Cloud, an asset database and 3D Asset, a Navisworks enrichment application for construction management.


Our team has decades of experience in the process & power and construction industries. Whether a client requires a turn-key system for construction management, project handover to operations, or simply software training, we have the skills and resources.

Designed for construction, handover and onwards into operations

From process and power projects through to construction and existing buildings, our cloud-based asset databases are essential for all project stages from the design phase, through construction & fit-out, handover, and onwards into facilities management. We can provide stakeholders with information on every aspect of a project and its infrastructure.

Sectors We Work in

At eRDS our team are passionate about building databases and our mission is to harness this knowledge and create exciting new products that make a difference.

Process and Power Projects

eRDS is a cloud based multi-user asset database for process plant and power generation projects that provides owners & operators with information on every aspect of a facility and its infrastructure. It improves operations workflows through reliable information, a work-order ticketing system and near instant access to all relevant documentation.

Construction, BIM & Existing Buildings

eRDS provides solutions for the built environment including new build construction projects and existing real estate. Our software is Intended for construction companies, property owners and housing associations and is suitable for all types and scale of projects such as schools, residential schemes, heritage buildings, datacentres, hospitals, and other estates.

Our Products

Our two core products eRDS Cloud and 3D Asset provide everything you need for defining and populating an asset database.

A multi-user, multi-project database application hosted in a secure cloud designed for compiling and managing asset databases for process plant and building projects. The software is built around a SQL database and is equipped with both a document management system and a work-order ticketing system for operations.

A Navisworks based application that uses information from a 3D model as the foundation for advanced workflow processes and the gateway to a project database. 3D Asset allows 3D design models produced by any of the leading plant design & BIM applications to be imported into eRDS Cloud to produce a comprehensive facility database for construction and operations.

Types of Project

Our software can be used across several industry sectors and on any sized process plant or AEC project.

Process Plant

eRDS and 3D Asset are designed to be used on any revamp or greenfield project, onshore, offshore, upstream or downstream. It can be used on any process plant across a diverse range of industries such as power generation, refineries, pipelines, subsea, marine, mining, and nuclear.

Scan to As-Built

Our software has the unique capability of adding intelligence to the geometrically accurate 3D models produced from laser scan surveys. These models can be enriched in 3D Asset with the information that scanning cannot discover. The project is then uploaded to eRDS Cloud as a central source of information.

New Construction

Most new build construction projects are designed using BIM. eRDS includes a powerful Revit plugin that provides a bi-directional interface between the model and cloud database. You can use eRDS on any sized project from single residential dwellings through to large developments across all private & public sectors.

Existing Buildings

eRDS Cloud is designed to create building information for existing real estate so they can be managed maintained and refurbished using reliable information. Using eRDS, there is no reason why the building database cannot be just as informative as newly constructed buildings that have been designed by BIM.

Benefits We Deliver

Central Source of Information

Owners have the tools to drive down operations & maintenance costs and the information needed for effective facility management.

Better Collaboration

Our online software enables project teams to share information and take decisions with the certainty that everyone is working from the same data set.


eRDS delivers a more comprehensive and higher quality COBie data set than is possible using the standard MS excel method.

Structured Workflows

Our easy-to-use software takes a systematic approach to creating an asset database and capturing as-built information in a multiuser collaborative environment.

Fast Document Retrieval

eRDS enables users to quickly access project drawings and asset documentation which can save thousands of hours during construction & operations.

Improved BIM Models

eRDS provides the tools to enrich any kind of BIM with valuable room data, asset information and geo-referenced asset codes.

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