A Multi-User, Multi-Project, Database

eRDS Cloud is built around a SQL database which provides a secure, reliable and scalable environment for handling large amounts of construction information

Process plant information organised in a multiuser SQL database

Our cloud database helps organisations manage large quantities of assets for all disciplines to ensure compliance and plan preventative maintenance.

Comprehensive building information in a COBie compliant asset database

An eRDS database keeps track of every asset and finish inside and outside a building and all project documentation for an efficient handover and organised operations.

Everything needed for efficient operations

Our cloud-based software delivers project information and documentation in a format that’s immediately functional for operations.  eRDS is an ideal solution for process plant and AEC projects and can save thousands of man hours during plant start up and owner occupation thanks to its powerful functionality and collaborative environment.




eRDS produces ‘COBie’ information in a professional multiuser SQL database specifically designed for the task. It creates a more comprehensive information resource for the owner operator and delivers a BIM that is 100% synchronised with the building database.

Plant Intelligence

When an eRDS cloud database for process plant and power generation projects is handed over to the owner operators, it will include detailed asset information & documentation across all disciplines for every mechanical, electrical and safety equipment asset.

Better BIM

With eRDS all as-installed information is written to the objects in Revit, even those not originally modelled but defined as information in eRDS Cloud. Consequently the BIMs information is a mirror image of the database, unlike COBie where the two information sources are separate.

More Collaborative

eRDS is a secure multiuser system that makes the information available to everyone working on the project team. Managers can take better decisions during start-up and building occupation in the knowledge that everyone is working from the same data set.

Work Orders

Communicate day to day issues or preventative maintenance tasks to third parties through the eRDS work order system to ensure operatives receive all the information & documentation needed to carry out the task.

Document Access

Owner operators can quickly retrieve the drawings & asset documentation for every discipline. eRDS ensures operatives have access to the information they are looking for, when and where it is needed.

Query & Report

Information is the key to the successful transition from construction phase to the new owners. The eRDS cloud database is equipped with the interrogation & reporting tools that allow owner operators to ask questions and get answers that can be relied on.

Improved Plant Design Models

When eRDS is used with 3D Asset, Information from the cloud database is 100% synchronised with 3D plant design models. Operations intelligence is stored in specialised tags that can be accessed and reported through an Information Manager.

CMMS, BMS, & FM Integration

On high value projects there will likely be several IT systems employed. eRDS serves as the central source of asset information to provide a consistent integration between the various computer systems and ensures they all use common asset identifiers.

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